Winter Weather on Campus: Words from the Chancellor and Associate Director of Campus Safety 

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By Kaija Martin, Correspondent 

Image Credit: Hunter Hourany for Horizons

Those on the Embry-Riddle Prescott campus have experienced winter weather conditions in the weeks following the beginning of the semester. Chancellor Anette Karlsson and Associate Director of Campus Security Alex Lucero discuss determining the status of the campus when winter weather conditions arise.  

When asked how the winter weather affected the ERAU Prescott campus, Chancellor Karlsson stated, “So far this winter, we have had a lot of minor snow events. Behind the scenes, that has resulted in a lot of work for our staff, primarily in Facilities and Custodial services who start their days in the early morning hours to clear snow and ice.” 

When determining campus closures or delays, The Prescott Campus Winter Weather Emergency Team frequently meets to determine if weather or infrastructure conditions require a delayed opening or cancellation of any campus operations and classes.  

This team includes campus leadership representing Campus Safety, Facilities, Flight, Human Resources, Academics, the Chancellor’s Office, and others, depending on the situation.  

Chancellor Karlsson said her role in determining campus closures or delays relies on the Prescott Winter Weather Emergency Team, and, “Based on their recommendations, I make the final decision” 

When asked why there has not yet been a “Snow Day” on campus, Lucero explained, “While the status of other school districts is taken into consideration, Embry-Riddle’s decision is made independently, based on the specific conditions affecting our campus and surrounding area. Weather and road conditions vary widely depending on terrain, temperature, and elevation. Always assess your personal situation and comfort level before traveling.” 

Chancellor Karlsson urges students to be safe and careful when encountering winter weather conditions, and said, “Slow down when driving, and wear clothing appropriate for the season.”  

Lucero reminds those off campus “that the decision to travel to school is always a personal one and if you are not comfortable traveling in adverse conditions you should notify your instructor or supervisor of your choice to stay home. Only walk in areas that have already been treated with ice melt.” 

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