Spring 2023 Sorority Recruitment: Welcoming New Sisters Home

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By Eva Hansen, Correspondent 

Image Credit: Jason Marsan for Horizons

A new semester means a new round of sorority recruitment. The Embry-Riddle Prescott campus is home to three sororities: Alpha Sigma Tau (AST), Alpha Xi Delta (AXiD), and Delta Phi Epsilon (DPhiE). Each sorority has its own set of dates and activities for  Spring 2023 recruitment. Each sorority exclaimed their excitement about welcoming the potential new members (PNMs) and future sisters. 

AST held their recruitment dates on Jan. 30and 31, as well as Feb. 6 and 7 ,offering a trip to the Mountains and forests as their theme. Molly Ruley, AST’s Vice President of Growth, gave an insight into what activities their recruitment consists of; “we have games, snacks, crafts, and lots of sisterhood activities.” Sisterhood activities are a big part of bonding and getting to know the PNMs.  

Ruley said the favorite event amongst the current sisters is Tea with the Taus “because it is a staple for us.” When asked what she is most excited about, Ruley exclaimed, “I’m most excited to meet a bunch of awesome girls and welcome new members to AST!” She encourages all girls to come out to their recruitment events because AST “can’t wait to welcome you home!” 

AXiD held their recruitment events from Jan. 31 to Feb. 3 with the spring theme “Blooming with AXiD”. Dakota Bernier, AXiD’s Vice President of Membership, said, “girls can expect activities like games, painting, and fun icebreakers to get to know the sisters better.” Bernier also offered advice to girls coming out to recruitment or are thinking about joining a sorority in the future; “Some advice I would give girls interested in recruitment is to act like themselves and don’t try to be someone you’re not to try to impress us. We want you for who you are! Be confident in yourself and we will hype you up!”  

Bernier told Horizons, “I can confidently say bid day is the favorite among sisters because, after a long week of recruiting, we get to see our beautiful new members run home and welcome them with smiles and open arms.” Bernier claims her favorite part of  recruitment is, “giving girls the chance to find their forever home and introducing them to the most supportive group of girls I know! I can’t wait to meet all PNMs and show them how much sorority life has to offer.”  

DPhiE invited PNMs to experience “Under the Sea with DPhiE” from Jan. 25 to the 29. Mikayla Bridges, Vice President of Recruitment for DPhiE, expressed why she loves recruitment by saying, “I love getting to know every PNM that comes to us, the reason I became Vice President of Recruitment was because my favorite part of recruitment is helping people find their home, whether it be DPhiE or the two other amazing sororities on campus.”  

When asked about DPhiE’s recruitment events, Bridges explained, “we love to get to know the PNMs who walks through our door, our activities focus on that, we do vision boards and question Jenga.” She also mentioned that a fan favorite of the sisters is bid day, where they finally get to welcome home their new sisters. Bridges would like to add that everyone should check out Greek life: “you never know who you’ll meet or what you do next.”  

Although spring recruitment is over, the sororities of Embry-Riddle encourage  you to check out recruitment in the fall or future semesters. Each sorority offers recruitment every semester, so watch for Eagle Life updates or check them out at future organization fairs.  

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