Organization Spotlight: Eagle Volleyball Club

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By Eagle Volleyball Club, Guest Contributor

Image Credit: Eagle Volleyball Club for Horizons

What is the organization’s mission/purpose/focus?

Our mission is to improve, learn, and develop volleyball skills to help each and every person grow in their volleyball knowledge and skill.

How can interested students join this organization?

Interested students can join our Eagle Life organization and see when practices are and show up!

What makes this organization unique?

We are the only volleyball club at Embry-Riddle that is competitive but is open to all and any skill types.

What do you love most about this organization?

I love the environment and how open and welcoming our club is to any person interested in learning how to play volleyball or just practice and get better.

What is most outstanding about the organization?

What is most outstanding about this organization is that we develop skill in any player and we all have fun doing so.

How has this organization helped its members?

This organization has helped its members by running skill specific drills as well as holding open play to members who are interested in improving their skill.

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