Housing Fair Returns 

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By Cody Hawes, Correspondent

Image Credit: Khanh Tranh for Horizons

On Jan. 23, 2023, the Embry-Riddle housing department brought back its annual Housing Fair. Returning since being cancelled due to COVID, the event welcomed housing vendors from throughout the area to talk directly with students interested in moving off campus next fall. 

The vendors in attendance included Willow Ridge Apartments, Willow Creek Apartments, 2051 Apartments, Homestead Talking Glass, Parke Place, and Embry-Riddle’s on-campus options.  

The housing department also sponsored a raffle with prizes like laundry supplies, tableware, and an air fryer. 

Kameryn Walker, an Assistant Area Coordinator for the Mingus area and organizer of this year’s housing fair, shared with Horizons the importance of the event. “It’s a really great opportunity for [students] to discover what kinds of off campus housing exists. Since you know, from year to year, some people might want to stay on campus, move off campus, and this is a good opportunity for them to meet those people all in one location. And I think that ease of search is really important for students, so they don’t have to go out and find all those people themselves. They can just come to one event and talk to everybody.” 

Kaitlyn Smith, a freshman at Embry-Riddle living on campus, expressed her appreciation for this event and said, “Being able to just talk to the people that own the buildings is a lot better than trying to find it online. The online search is really difficult and the housing market in Prescott and Prescott Valley is just bad.” 

The general sentiment among students is that off campus housing can also be difficult to secure. One student said that they found closing a lease to be even more challenging because of their student status. 

Xander Mclendon, a student living on campus shared that “Even when you find a place and you go through the whole process, no matter how good a candidate you are, like over half the time, probably three quarters of the time you’ll get all the way to the end and the renter or the landlord will just say hey I actually don’t rent to college students.” 

Walker strived to challenge this stereotype, however. “As a student myself organizing the event, I really get to brag on our Embry-Riddle students,” said Walker. “And you also have the opportunity to interact with some other [housing] professionals and kind of put on your professional hat and show them what an Embry-Riddle student can be.” 

As another resource to students who couldn’t make it, the housing department also has information for both on and off campus housing options. If you are looking for more resources, they will be available soon in the housing office. 

“Go to the housing fair every time it happens,” says Walker. “It’s really helpful. And it’s annual.” 

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