Club Profile: Embry-Riddle’s New Astronomy Club

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By Shannon Moore, President, and Kaitlyn Casciotti, Club Member

Image Credit: Jason Marsan for Horizons

This Spring semester, Embry-Riddle Prescott’s Astronomy and Space Physics students founded the first ERAU Astronomy Club, where students in any degree program can pursue their love for amateur astronomy.  

“So many people on campus who aren’t majoring in Astronomy or Space Physics are still interested in those fields, but don’t always get the opportunity to really have fun with them. ERAU Astronomy Club is a place where anyone can pursue that interest,” said club member Katlyn Casciotti.  

The club will host planetarium aftershows, hold bi-monthly meetings, and have star parties where members can bring small telescopes and observe Prescott’s clear night sky together. In addition, club members can learn how to use the observatory on campus.  

ERAU Astronomy Club President Shannon More told Horizons, “The school observatory is a really cool resource! We use the telescope to observe and take data of various stars and analyze our findings. It’s a great way to learn about astronomy and familiarize yourself with the field.” 

ERAU Astronomy club welcomes all students to join. The only requirement for membership is a curiosity of the cosmos! If you’re interested in participating, contact Moore at [].  

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