Student Profile: Sidney Naud 

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By Taylor Brown, Editor In Chief 

Image Credit: Sidney Naud for Horizons

Sidney Naud, a senior at Embry-Riddle Prescott, is on track to pursue a colorful future in language, security, and intelligence. Naud participates in the Security and Intelligence Studies (GSIS) program on the Military Analysis track, with minors in International Relations and Mandarin Chinese. 

“I have always been interested in history and its role in shaping future decisions. This major contains a large portion of history, but it also allows me to look forward and see the tangible conflicts that history provides,” Naud expressed, “This understanding is what I enjoy most about it. I can now read current events and see the big picture rather than just one isolated event.” 

Naud has learned the value of asking the right questions and eliminating bias and assumption from her analyses. These skills have given Naud several opportunities outside of Embry-Riddle and she has participated in work around the world, such as assisting on a projected business plan for Guangdong Providence in Southeastern China.  

Naud mentions a number of resources that have helped her succeed in her field, such as the Chinese Language Program and the Office of Prestigious Awards and Fellowships. Naud also expresses appreciation for Professor Curtis Sullivan, who helped her develop confidence and communication skills.  

Outside of work and academics, Naud spends her time hiking around Arizona and creating music: “I also enjoy playing the drums, a hobby I can now enjoy more since I live in an apartment.” 

As her time at Embry-Riddle comes to a close, Naud looks forward to a meaningful future in language and global intelligence. 

“Post-graduation, I will move to Washington, D.C., and work for the government,” Naud said, “I hope to be able to continue developing my language skills and enter a program that allows me to obtain a master’s degree.” 

Naud was also offered an additional opportunity to work on a project looking at Chinese rhetoric and Western perceptions regarding security.  

For other students in the GSIS major, Naud encourages them to explore the various specialties before settling on a program of study.  

“You want to develop your skills in an area that you enjoy,” Naud stated, “Make sure you understand what areas this field has to offer, and from there, you can tailor your schedule and internships to help you in your chosen area.” 

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