Pet of the Week: Kroli 

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By Martin Hussey Jr., Correspondent

Image Credit: Jason Marsan for Horizons

Meet Kroli, the orange-tabby kitten owned by Madx Cole. Madx’s sister originally named her “Krolia Bravest Warrior,” but Madx calls her “Miss Kroli” or “Kroli Poli” because she curls up like a pill bug. She has also earned the title of “Peepee Princess.” 

Kroli was found as a kitten on the snowy streets of Michigan on Nov. 15, 2018. She was about three months old at the time. When Madx and his sister moved to Oklahoma, Kroli came along, and when Madx moved to Arizona in 2020, Kroli stayed with the latter. When the sister moved to California a year later, she could not bring Kroli to her dorm, so Madx took custody of her. 

Kroli can be described as an observer, always watching and judging from behind a corner. She is also affectionate and funny, having the constant energy to partake in guilty pleasures and being an absolute riot. However, she is also a coward, and hides from any noises or strangers. Additionally, she approaches people for pets only to shy away from their touch. 

As a hobby, Kroli likes to scratch at walls like Fortunato in the “The Cask of Amontillado.” She also loves to eat paper, whether it be photographs of her owner’s mother, taxes, or trash. She curls up in any corner so tightly that she snores when she breathes. 

Madx describes Kroli as an amazing sous chef. When Madx is cooking or eating, Kroli approaches and stretches her paws up the counter, sticking her nose even higher. If Kroli is ignored, she will give the saddest and most pitiful meow and continue to do so until she gets a sniff, if she is lucky. In one situation, Madx gave in to Kroli wanting some of his strawberry Pop-Tart. Kroli unexpectedly started to eat it, but she chewed on it until it fell out of her mouth. It took Madx’s other cat to eat the remains. 

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