Oh, The Weather Outside Is Frightful, But The Library’s So Delightful…

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By: D. Podbielski, Night Access Coordinator

I know, the title’s a bit cheesy, but I just couldn’t help it. We’ve got a lot of fun activities planned for finals week, some oldies but goodies, and some new items too. We also pull out all the stops with our winter decorations, making it a little more cozy and like home, in the library.

On December 5th, the Linus blankets will return. You’ve probably seen them in the past and may have wondered what’s this all about, blankets??? These blankets go to Project-Linus, a non-profit organization supporting children in need. So, take a moment or two, tie (not sew) a blanket, and relax. (Materials are supplied by Anne Boettcher.)

You are probably wondering if we are going to have sticker art again? (We get that question a lot.)  We sure are, and we’ve found some cool new designs for you to have fun with. Take a trip to the second floor, but be careful, don’t get stuck too long.

We had such a good response to the large coloring poster downstairs last semester, that we decided to do it again. Can you guess what it will be this time? You’ve got to come in and find out! Of course, we will still have coloring items upstairs, just on a much smaller scale though.

Are you seeing double, double Ninja’s that is?  The Ninja’s are multiplying, and they are stealthy, be on the lookout, they can turn up just about anywhere.

On Monday the 12th and Tuesday the 13th we will be featuring, cookies, cookies, and more cookies. Oh yeah, did I mention cookies? Starting at noon on both days, the cookies will appear (as if by magic) and they will be available all night. So, if your batteries are running low, take a quick trip over to the cookie table, and recharge them.

We all know finals week can be beyond stressful and you’ll probably be spending a few hours here in the Hazy   Library. Let us help lighten the mental load a bit, whether it’s some quiet time with a blanket or puzzle, some     artistic time with the stickers and coloring, or a little workout time with our Ninja’s, we are here for you!

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