Student Poem: The Moon, a Branch, and Moving On 

Read Time:1 Minutes

By Anonymous Correspondent 

Image Credit: NASA

When I was younger I never understood my father 
He said he’d do anything for my mother 
If she wanted the moon, I’d get it for her, he said 
I understood – suddenly – when we were at the lake and you were holding a branch 
Twice your height, but you lifted it like a spear 
If I asked you to bring down the moon… 

I returned there today 
By accident. Wandering across a familiar branch in a familiar cove 
I knew it as the sun knows the moon, as my father knows my mother 
As I once knew you 

I stared down at it and said 
All things come back to 
I wanted to say “where they were before” 
But that is not true 
So I said “where they are supposed to be” 

I am so far away from that day 
But the branch is right back where we found it. 

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