Staff Profile: Dana Prescott: Communications Center Supervisor 

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By Taylor Brown, Editor In Chief 

Image Credit: Hunter Hourany

Dana Prescott, the Communications Center Supervisor at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, navigates the Campus Safety and Security Department and its officers. Prescott and her team work to ensure that everyone on the Embry-Riddle Prescott campus is safe.  

Prescott is initially from the Phoenix area and did not move to Prescott just because of her last name. Her name is pronounced ‘Pres-cot”, and she pronounces the town of Prescott the same way.  

“It’s just a coincidence, a lot of people ask me that but it is kind of cool that my last name matches the town!” Prescott said.  

Prescott initially started at Embry-Riddle working nights as a custodian, before the university offered her a job as a dispatcher. She finds safety jobs at Embry-Riddle unique, since officers work closely with students  

“This isn’t just a security job, it’s so much more than that because we do deal with the students, we get to know them. We’re not just walking around checking doors, we get to interact with people. I think it’s a greater responsibility in all honesty.” Prescott expressed.  

Medical calls are the most serious calls the Campus Safety Department receives, and their officers are the first ones on the scene. In the case of a medical incident, Prescott sends an officer to evaluate the scene.  

“It’s really about keeping everybody safe, in any situation. We deal with medical, we deal with mental health, and obviously, if something more serious were to happen we would be dealing with that too,” Prescott stated.  

Ultimately, Prescott and the other staff in the Campus Safety Department prioritize the wellbeing of everyone on the Embry-Riddle campus.  

“We are so much more approachable than we may seem! A lot of us are very goofy in here, and have a sense of humor. We want to be here to help, we’re not here just to enforce stuff. We don’t want to be the bad guy, sometimes we have to, but our ultimate goal is just to keep everyone safe,” said Prescott.  

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