Alpha Xi Delta Philanthropy Week: A week of events to support the community 

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By Eva Hansen, Correspondent 

Image Credit: Hunter Hourany

The week of Oct. 31, 2022, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University’s Alpha Xi Delta (AXiD) held their annual  Philanthropy Week to support the Arizona’s Children Association (ACA). The fundraising activities consisted of a bake sale, an event at Rosa’s Pizzeria, Mac and Cheese with the Xi’s, a penny war, an art drive, and a fashion show.  

ACA is Alpha Xi Delta’s new local Philanthropy.  The ACA offers services to support families and to keep children safe. Some of their services include foster care and adoption, family preservation, family education, young adult services, and kinship services. They are focused on connecting children with their families or finding them the perfect home. 

Denali Skinner, AXiD’s Philanthropy Vice President, expressed her excitement about the foundation, saying, “I’m delighted we found a foundation that is so excited to work with us and does such great work.”  

Haley Wood, AXiD’s Membership Vice President, told Horizons, “I’m excited to for our new philanthropic partnership because it allows us to make an impact in our college town.”  

The week started with a bake sale. Members from the sorority took up the challenge of making baked goods.   Mazzy Wilcox, a member of AXiD, stated, “One of my favorite things about Philo week is how it brings everyone together. The bake sale has always been my favorite event because it brings sisters together to bake and just catch up with each other.” The bake sale was a success, racking up 247 dollars in sales. 

On Tuesday, AXiD held an open fundraiser at Rosa’s Pizzeria. A portion of the profits from each meal were donated to the fundraiser. Many sisters and their friends went down and ate delicious food that helped support our community.  

Wednesday was Mac and Cheese with the Xi’s. Many gathered in the quad to enjoy AXiD’s favorite philanthropy tradition. Skinner mentioned, “I think Mac and Cheese with the Xi’s are so popular because we have great food, and we create a welcoming and friendly environment. There is always music playing and sisters are always trying to have a conversation with anyone who walks by.”  

During AXiD’s Philanthropy Week, they also had their Theta Zeta Man events. Throughout, the potential Theta Zeta men had a penny wars competition. All of the penny war profits contributed to AXiD’s fundraising for ACA. They hosted a fashion show featuring their Theta Zeta men where the ticket sales also contributed to the fundraising.  

ACA let AXiD know one of their biggest needs is art supplies. Art supplies are extremely useful when it comes to working with kids, whether for arts and crafts as a group or just giving kids something of their own. A box was located in the student union where anyone could drop off supplies.  

Skinner estimated they got about 300 dollars worth of supplies and over 800 dollars in fundraising. She says the chapter is extremely excited to present everything to ACA. 

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