Fall 2022 Sorority Recruitment 

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By Taylor Brown, Editor In Chief 

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University is home to three sororities, and each seeks to uphold different values, create companionship between women, and support various philanthropies and non-profits. Starting Sept. 7 and continuing through Sept. 11, 2022, Fall Sorority Recruitment linked women from across campus with a sisterhood of similar-minded students.  

Fall Recruitment is considered ‘formal recruitment’ and is hosted by the ERAU Panhellenic, an umbrella organization that oversees sorority life. Each sorority attended several events to find new sisters who matched their chapter. These events included an Open House, Philanthropy Night, Sisterhood Night, Preference, and Bid Day. Each event gives potential new members (PNMs) a chance to learn about each sorority on campus and find the chapter that is right for them.  

Zoe Spangler is the Vice President of Growth for ERAU’s Alpha Sigma Tau’s (AST) chapter. AST has 83 collegiate chapters around the country, and each encourages their members to be active, self-reliant, and trustworthy.  

“Recruitment is a great way to get to know other women on campus and make new friends,” Spangler stated, “Greek life has been so rewarding for me and you really get out what you put into it. I’ve met my best friends through AST.” 

Another ERAU sorority, Delta Phi Epsilon (DPhiE), also participated in the 5 day long formal recruitment. Mikayla Bridges, DPhiE’s Recruitment and Special Events Coordinator told Horizons, “Delta Phi Epsilon looks for those who share our values of justice, sisterhood, and love, and want to give back to their community and want to contribute to a sisterhood. We look for those who are interested in academic achievement, leadership development and opportunities.” 

The third ERAU sorority is Alpha Xi Delta (AXiD). AXiD emphasizes 4 major values: knowledge, sisterhood, service, and leadership. They also encourage their sisterhood to “Realize Your Potential” in all aspects of life.  

“For Alpha Xi Delta, the most important part of recruitment is finding qualities in women that align with our chapter. We look for women that are open to growth, passionate, dedicated, open minded, interested in leadership opportunities, and want to help others,” stated AXiD’s Membership Vice President Haley Wood, “We want to help women grow into the best version of themselves during their time at our university, as well as grow our chapter into a better sisterhood for the women that come after!” 

The final event of Greek Life recruitment is Bid Day. “This is the day that PNMs become New Members and are given a bid to one of the sororities on campus,” Bridges explained, “new members then run home to their new sisters!” DPhiE welcomed 6 new sisters to their chapter this semester. 

Wood found Greek Life to be a noteworthy influence on her life at ERAU. She told Horizons, “The most important part of going through recruitment is finding what group of women you feel the most comfortable around. It is a long week of talking to a lot of women, but it is worth every second once you get that feeling of sisterhood.” 

The next sorority recruitment week takes place at the beginning of the 2022 Spring Semester. The women in Greek Life encourage the ERAU campus to consider ‘Going Greek.’ 

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