Culture Pass via Hazy Library 

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By Jacob Wolf, Chief Distribution Officer 

Starting in the summer of 2022, students, staff, and faculty alike at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University,  Prescott gained free access to a range of cultural activities thanks to a collaboration between the Yavapai Library Network and the Act One Foundation, via a program known as the Culture Pass. Laura Pope Robbins, Associate Director of Access Services at Hazy Library & Learning Center, sat down with Horizons to explain the program, and how everyone at ERAU Prescott can use it.  

“There’s museums, there’s botanical gardens, there’s a zoo,” said Pope Robbins, who explained that the Culture Pass was designed for people “to go to these different cultural places, and make them accessible to all of us.” The Hazy Library began offering the Pass in June, and Pope Robbins hopes that they’ll “see tremendous use in the fall.”  

To find the Culture Pass, members of the ERAU Prescott campus community only need to walk through the library’s front door. Next to the checkout desk is the Culture Pass stand where all of the activities are listed. Once you choose your adventure from the stand, you just checkout the slip at the library’s front desk, and you’re ready to go!  

For those wanting to look into the Culture Pass’ options, Pope Robbins says you can go to the bottom of the library’s website [] and select “Culture Pass”, and it will give you “a list and links to all the different locations, so that you can see where you might want to go before you check it out”.  

From her office’s vantage point behind the checkout desk, Pope Robbins is ready to put the pass to good use. “I have not [used a Culture Pass] yet, but I keep looking at Acrosanti.”  

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