Meet the Board of Campus Activities!

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By Julian O’Connor, Chief Copy Editor 

Students new and old to Embry-Riddle’s Prescott campus have likely noticed the event calendars posted around campus with a great deal of fun-looking events. Older students are likely aware that these calendars are the work of the wonderful Board of Campus Activities (BCA), one of Embry-Riddle Prescott’s Student Service Organizations, but even older students might not be completely aware of what BCA is.  

In the words of BCA Director Lily Davis, “BCA is a student service organization that puts on weekly Friday events to allow students to release from stress and enjoy a break from studies. We like to say we bring the fun to campus.” BCA puts on a wide range of activities in the Fall and Spring semesters for students to enjoy on campus.  

The type of events BCA hosts can vary greatly, as Davis says, “BCA puts on events from movie nights, to escape rooms, to our annual Casino Night.” Events BCA hosted in the Spring 2022 Semester included the aforementioned Casino Night, a large concert, and a Bingo Night.  

BCA events are generally planned starting “the semester before they happen” according to Davis, who goes on to say that “We love to hear from students which events they enjoy, and we also look at our attendance to see which events are popular. As a club the members come together and decide based on the previous information, and we come up with the schedule.” As for the events like comedians that require outside performers to come to campus, Davis states  “There is also a convention that a few members go to once a year where we look at acts that can come to the school and determine if they would make a good fit for Riddle.” 

As BCA events are planned out the semester before they happen, the events for this upcoming Fall semester are already mostly planned out. However, Davis encourages students with ideas for events they’d like to see on campus to “come into our office which is located in the student union” or contact them through email or social media (listed at the end of this article).  

Students who are very interested in what BCA does are welcome to sign up by contacting them through the links below or at the Activity Fair on Sept. 6, 2022.  

The schedule of BCA events planned for this semester will be released on magnets and other media around campus, and the first exciting event this semester after orientation is also BCA’s first “double header” event, a combined Pool Party and movie. Happening at 6:00 pm on Friday, Sept. 9, 2022, BCA will be hosting “a pool party at the pool and following the pool party we are putting on the new movie Lightyear in the lower hanger. We wanted to give that drive in type of feel the best we could.”  

Davis also mentioned that BCA is excited for the annual OctoberWest events later in the year, Embry-Riddle’s version of homecoming.  

Students interested in contacting BCA to discuss events or joining may contact them through email at: [] or through social media [@prbca] on Instagram.]

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