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By Taylor Brown, Correspondent

Christian Fisco is a junior at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, pursuing a career in Global Security and Intelligence Studies (GSIS) with a minor in psychology. From investigative strategies to the intricacies of the law, Fisco has a great passion for his field.

Initially, Fisco was drawn to Security and Intelligence because it promised a unique and exciting career. “I wanted a degree I’m going to be passionate about,” Fisco tells Horizons, “I didn’t want to get stuck in a typical 9-5 job.”

At Embry-Riddle, Fisco is greatly involved with law and forensics. He is a teaching assistant for seven courses on campus, including Global Crime and International Justice Systems and Procedural Laws and Evidence. Fisco has also participated in Eagle Eye Intelligence, and the Association of Former Intelligence Officers. He works closely with Professor Murray Henner, his mentor on campus.

Post graduation, Fisco is unsure of where he wants to end up. “I would love to do something on Capitol Hill, or with a three letter agency of some kind,” Fisco says. He ultimately wants to participate in law and the enforcement of justice.

In the last few years, Fisco was a summer intern at the Los Angeles Police Department . “I was kind of the middleman between the victim and the detective,” Fisco explains, “I would relay information to detectives and interview victims.” He enjoyed getting hands-on experience and learning from professionals in his field. He’s now pursuing a summer internship in Washington DC with the Fund For American Studies.

Fisco advises underclassmen GSIS students to “keep your options open, decide which concentration you want to go into and pick your courses accordingly”. GSIS has a variety of tracks, minors and concentrations for students to choose from, each providing a unique means of participating in the field.

In his spare time, Fisco is a crossfit fanatic and dirt bike racer. He enjoys pushing himself to accept new challenges and expanding his comfort zone. Embry-Riddle is excited to see where Christian Fisco goes in his future!

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