Results from SGA’s Childcare Survey

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In recent weeks, the Student Government Association (SGA) of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University’s Prescott campus has been surveying the need for a childcare facility on campus. Organized by SGA Housing Representative Natalie Castillo and Student Veteran Organization SGA Representative Vincent Becerra, the survey asked staff, faculty, and students about the difficulties of finding childcare services on the Prescott area, and whether or not they would benefit from such services on campus.

By Jacob Wolf, Chief Distribution Officer

Castillo wants to emphasize that this survey was only an inquiry, and its intent was to determine whether or not childcare needs were significant. She knows that childcare options are “extremely limited” in the Prescott area, but more data needed to be collected.

After collecting that data, the results became clear to Castillo: parents on campus are “feeling overstretched”, and some are “spending outrageous amounts of money to be able to provide their kids with the care they need.”

Survey responses were demonstrative of this. One written response said that the cost of childcare was “significant enough that my wife resigned her position (also at ERAU – Prescott) to become a full-time caregiver to our children.” Another said that “all reputable/legal facilities we’ve found in Prescott have prohibitively long waitlists (years).” When asked about the difficulty of enrolling their child in a daycare facility, several responders simply wrote “EXTREMELY DIFFICULT.”

Past efforts have been made to provide childcare on-campus, but Castillo notes that they “never seemed to go anywhere.” This time around, she wants things to turn out differently. “Obviously building a facility overnight is impossible, but by establishing a need and bringing attention to the issue, Vincent [Becerra] and I hope this can become a long-term goal.”

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