Restaurant Review: Sushi Poki

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By Grace Tevaseu, Correspondent

4 out of 5 Stars

Sushi Poki, the successor of Kiyoshi’s, sits on the corner of Willow Creek and Iron Springs, across the street from Yavapai Medical Center. Suspicious of this replacement, as I was a big fan of Kiyoshi’s, I knew I had to test out their Japanese cuisine.

The physical environment of the restaurant offered nice, new, and upgraded interior design. It is arranged so the customer can see the food being prepared. Sushi Poki is an efficient food type of restaurant, where you order at the register and sit wherever you please. The wait time for the food was fairly short, less than 10 minutes. The employees were incredibly kind and ensured we had all that we ordered.

The restaurant’s hours of operation are 11 a.m. – 7 p.m., every time but Sunday, which is on par with the rest of Prescott’s usual activity. Sushi Poki offers dine-in and takeout, although, as a foody golden rule, I never order takeout of ramen or sushi for obvious reasons.

Despite the restaurant’s name, I had ordered the Shoyu Ramen with Chicken. It was delicious, so fresh and flavorful! Other menu items included sushi rolls, fried rice, salad, egg rolls, bento boxes, poke, spam musubi, and teriyaki. Having the food counter in the front of shop, customers can walk with the employee, instructing on their preferences for the build-your-own poke bowl. Their ahi lover bowl was also tasty. Apparently, the restaurant imports their seafood from a popular fish company out of Hawaii. From the looks of other customers’ food, all their meals were in large portions as well.

I had one main drawback of my experience. One was the boba. While fairly high-priced, Sushi Poki did not get the boba balance right. In my opinion, as a boba drinker that only gets 25% sweet, I thought my Thai Tea Boba was too sugary and sweet. The flimsy plastic cup was also not conducive to handling the drink.

Overall, I was extremely satisfied with my meal and my experience at Sushi Poki, so I will definitely be going back soon.

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