The Society of Physics Students Celebrates Pi Day

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By Taylor Brown, Correspondent

On the week of March 14, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University’s Society of Physics Students (SPS) hosted a week-long celebration for the unique number Pi. From bake sales to pie throwing, to a competition, SPS ensured Pi was recognized for its endless integration into the world.

SPS is an organization with chapters across the globe. Janessa Slone, the current president of Embry-Riddle’s SPS chapter, told Horizons that “[SPS] is a welcoming group, open to all majors, and hope to be a comforting community for our members.”

The recognition of Pi Day began in 2021, and SPS has maintained the traditions. From Monday to Thursday, the chapter hosted a bake sale in the quad, selling treats and handing out free Spherical Cow stickers. All events were open to public participation, and anyone who wanted to come by and support physics students on campus was more than welcome.

The event came to a head on Friday, when SPS held a Pieing Fundraiser. Embry-Riddle physics professors, including Dr. Smith and Dr. Zanolin, were pied as a fun way to support the club. Slone said, “I was pied a lot, which was fun and I’m glad I got to raise money.” The money raised during the week goes back to the club, to support socials, outreach events, demonstrations, and a possible trip to the 2022 Physics Congress (Psychon).

The chapter also held a competition to see who can recite the most digits of Pi. Pi is an infinite number, and the world record for most recited digits is 40,000. Hailey Murray, a freshman in SPS, won by memorizing Pi to over 140 digits.

Although many SPS members are physics and astronomy students, SPS is open to everyone at Embry-Riddle. Rowan Molitor, an aerospace engineering major and an active member of SPS, says “Anyone can join SPS, anyone who is interested in physics, even engineers.” SPS prioritizes the celebration of scientific curiosity and encourages people to learn about the physical world.

Slone says “Pi is an amazing infinite number that we use in everyday life without knowing it. It deserves to be celebrated.” Anyone who loves physics and is interested in partaking in future SPS outreach events and socials can sign up on Eagle Life. SPS meetings are held on Wednesdays at 6 p.m., every week.

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