Restaurant Review: W & Z Asian Bistro and Sushi Bar

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By Taylor Brown, Correspondent

4.5 out of 5 stars

Good sushi in Prescott can be hard to find. It’s difficult to trust raw fish in the desert, and even if you don’t get food poisoning, the quality can be disappointing. But Prescott residents can rejoice, for W & Z Asian Bistro and Sushi Bar has provided inexpensive, quality, and delicious food for anyone with a craving for sushi.

Located on 5533 E State Rte 69, Prescott Valley, this bistro has all the classic dishes as well as quality rolls, nigiri, and sashimi.The staff were able to seat and wait on my party quickly despite it being a busy Friday night. The restaurant was relatively large, with polished wooden booths and high ceilings. The comfortable ambience of the establishment made it a perfect destination for a casual night out.

As a broke college student, my priority was to get a good meal without having to put a dent in my already suffering wallet. My party ordered miso soup, a tuna roll, a rainbow roll, a sushi appetizer, sashimi, and an order of mochi. This added up to under $50 total for a quality meal.

The miso soup was delivered to the table first, and did not disappoint. Miso soup can be a difficult dish to mess up, but equally difficult to make memorable. Perhaps I was just starving, but I found the appetizer incredibly flavorful and satisfying, but was not so overbearing that it ruined my appetite.

We were served the rolls and sashimi shortly after our soup bowls were cleared, with tasteful plating and sides of ginger and wasabi. Sushi is one of my favorite foods, and I eat it often, but it has been a long time since I’ve had sushi that melted in my mouth. Each bite was perfectly executed, and the portions were sensibly sized.

We ended the meal with strawberry mochi, topped with whipped cream and drizzled in chocolate sauce. Each cake was cut into four pieces, making it a perfect dessert to share. It wasn’t served so cold that the ice cream was hardened, but not warm enough to make it melt.

Considering the quality of the food and service, and how pleased we were with our dining experience, the price was more than reasonable. Our food arrived in a timely manner, the staff were friendly, and we loved everything brought to our table, making our time at W & Z very enjoyable.

Ultimately, I was very pleasantly surprised by W & Z Asian Bistro and Sushi Bar. I was able to satisfy my craving for raw fish without worrying about the terrible effects of food poisoning and over-priced dishes. From 11 a.m. to 9:30 p.m., this bistro will serve you some of the best sushi in Prescott.

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