Meet Your New SGA! GA Election Results

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By Julian O’Connor, Copy Editor

As most students are likely aware, elections were held recently for next year’s Prescott Student Government Association (SGA) Officials. During the two days of voting (from 8 a.m., Thursday March 10 to Friday March 11, 2022, at 5 p.m.), 840 students cast their vote. After the elections were over, eight lucky candidates had won, out of the 15 students who ran.

Running for the Presidential position was Prince Gersom Anslemo, who ran unopposed. Running for the Vice Presidential Position were current SGA Treasurer Dylan Astrup, SGA Student Life Representative Grant Carrabine, and SGA Organization Representative Ngozi Eke. Astrup won the election.

Running for Secretary were College of Aviation Representative Grace Brown, Leilani Merkle, and Juse Ota. Brown won the election. Anna McLaughlin ran for Treasurer unopposed.

Brandon Bostwick ran for the College of Aviation Representative unopposed. Former College of Engineering Representative James Bass ran against freshman Christopher Sorensen for College of Engineering Representative, with Sorensen winning.

For the College of Business, Security, and Intelligence Representative, Cameron Devaney, Kennidi Ortega, and Kiyra Tibke ran, with Devaney winning. Mattysen Short ran unopposed for College of Arts and Sciences Representative.

The new SGA has provided statements to Horizons, which follow.

President-Elect Prince Gersom Anslemo:

“Hello all, my name is Prince Gersom Anselmo, and I am incredibly excited to serve as your next SGA President. Next year’s cohort of SGA Council Members are some of the most engaged and passionate students I’ve met, and I am so thrilled that I get to serve with them all. Ever since I took on the role of OctoberWest Director this past year, my passion for serving the Embry-Riddle community only grew more. I want to ensure that all voices on campus are heard and supported, making sure that we can help to make the changes that the students want to see. I am so humbled and grateful for the opportunity to represent you all to our university administration. I promise to work my very hardest to support each and every one of you in any way that I can. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, comments, or concerns. I look forward to seeing all of you in the office next year!”

Vice President-Elect Dylan Astrup:

“As Vice President, I want to focus on increasing SGA’s methods of communication with students, increasing administration involvement in campus life, and ensuring that the current councils projects and initiatives are continued into the next term.”

Secretary-Elect Grace Brown:

“I am very excited to take on this role and work with the new council. Everyone is very eager to get to work and seem like a great group. As secretary, I want to work to reconstruct the conduct process to better suit individual students and student organizations. I also look forward to growing SOAR [Student Outreach Action Resources], the underclassmen leadership program the secretary oversees and continue to provide opportunity for growth for its members. Lastly, I hope to work with facilities and athletics to add a shaded area at our campus pool.”

Treasurer-Elect Anna McLaughlin:

“I am honored to be the next SGA Treasurer, and I am excited to learn from and work with my fellow SGA officers and the College Reps. My biggest goal for the upcoming year as Treasurer is to push as much funding as possible to the clubs and organizations on campus. I believe that part of the college experience is finding a community of people who share the same interests as you; that is essentially the function of the clubs and organizations on campus. I am also planning to work with the treasurers of the clubs on campus to help them budget or work through the forms for SGA funding. Finally, I am working on setting up a monthly community service competition for extra funds among different clubs of the same size. Clubs will compete against other clubs in the same size range to complete the most amount of community service hours each month. The winning club will receive $500-$1000 to be used for recruiting and special club events.”

College of Aviation Representative-Elect Brandon Bostwick:

“I am very excited to have to opportunity to serve on next year’s council. I believe that everyone that got elected deserves this opportunity to represent our campus, and I am sure we will all come together to make some significant changes. Personally, as the College of Aviation Representative, I want to do as much as I can to improve our college. I will be working closely with the Dean and the head of safety to try and introduce a new aviation safety major. This major is already available at Daytona, but I and many others would like to see it implemented here. I am also keeping an eye out for any issues, complaints, or suggestions that the student body gives me so I may better improve their quality of life. If anyone ever has any suggestions, I am always open to new projects or getting answers for issues.”

College of Engineering Representative-Elect Christopher Sorensen:

“I am very honored, humbled, and appreciative of everyone who entrusted me with the honor of representing them to the SGA. I am so excited for the next council and everything we will be able to accomplish for the students! I also would like to give a shout out to my opponent, JR, who presented a great campaign and who is also a great guy!

“As a Representative, the campaign process was very beneficial to me, as I was able to talk to many students in person and truly understand what they would like to see from their Student Government. I plan to continue this face-to-face communication and feedback, using it in my conversations with the COE and the rest of the SGA. I am here to serve the students, and that will always be my top priority.”

College of Business, Security, and Intelligence Representative-Elect Cameron Devaney:

“I greatly thank the student body for placing their trust in me to represent the College of Business, Security, and Intelligence. I am more than excited to work with the rest of the student council and see what we can accomplish together. I plan on getting involved with alumni having contact with students to try to connect people with career goals. Thank you!”

College of Arts and Sciences Representative-Elect Mattysen Short:

“My first week attending classes at ERAU, I was in my Univ 101 class and my CAM was Melea Tucker. Melea inspired me to get as involved in the University as I could be. The more him and I became friends, the more he encouraged me to get involved in the Student Government Association. Over the last two years on campus, I have done a lot of digging, I have conducted a few surveys and talked to a lot of students about what changes they needed to see here on campus. Along the way, I have had the pleasure of working with a lot of the leadership here on campus and served on Hunter Langemo’s President’s board. I continued to find a lot of things that students wanted to change and had ideas to change them but wasn’t in a role where I could make those changes directly. Finally, this spring, I decided to run for the SGA and was elected as the College of Arts and Sciences Representative. Though it is a smaller role in the SGA, I know that I can make a lot of change here on campus in that role. I am really excited to be in a role where I can directly impact students on campus and make changes that many students have asked for. I am very hopeful that myself and other members of the council are going to have a productive year that positively impacts the quality of every student’s time at this University. I have a lot of ideas and am already starting to work on some of the project ideas that I have for next year. I stand for all students, not just the ones in the College of Arts and Sciences and can’t wait to get in office and start representing the College of Arts and Sciences, the Student Government Association and Embry-Riddle as a whole.”

It seems like the 2022-2023 SGA has a lot of exciting plans in store for Embry-Riddle Prescott, but as of now, students will still have to wait a little while to see those plans come to fruition. Horizons wishes the new SGA the best of luck!

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