Delta Phi Epsilon’s ANAD Week

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By Taylor Brown, Correspondent

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University’s Delta Phi Epsilon (DPhiE) hosted another successful ANAD Week, in partnership with the National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders. DPhiE was the first sorority to pledge support to ANAD and has been fundraising and spreading awareness about disordered eating for decades.

Sydnee Sadhu, DPhiE’s Vice President of Programming, told Horizons “ANAD Week is our spring philanthropy week. This is where we raise awareness and raise money for our philanthropy.”

On the week of Mar. 22, DPhiE began a marathon of self-love events, each with a different intention. It started with More Confidence Monday, which took place primarily online. People inside and outside of the sorority were encouraged to post pictures of people they care about and why, instigating a spread of positivity on social media.

Treat Yourself Tuesday meant a bake sale in the quad. Sadhu says “our sisters made tons of baked goodies so students are able to treat themselves to baked goods and milk.” DPhiE sold all goods offered at the sale, as well as self-care bags filled with chocolate, tea, and face masks.

On Work It Wednesday, one of DPhiE’s sisters, Jill Morrow, hosted a Zumba class. She taught fun and engaging dances to upbeat music in the spirit of getting active and staying positive. They also did a poster challenge about “Why You’re Better Than Barbie and Ken”, encouraging staff and students to take pride in what makes them special. Kiera Lin, the Philanthropy Coordinator for DPhiE encourages students “not to have unrealistic standards, and celebrate what makes you unique.”

Thoughtful Thursday encouraged Embry-Riddle students to “trash their insecurities” and throw a sticky note with something they’re insecure about into a trashcan. Lin said, “I think it helped lessen the burden of carrying your insecurity around.” Additionally, DPhiE sold rubber duckies for a dollar, in the spirit of “ducking your insecurities”.

A popular campus event that was tied in with ANAD Week is the infamous Iris Icon pageant, where non-DPhiE affiliated people can run to become one of the sorority’s sweethearts. The pageant was held on Thursday in the Lower Hanger. Tickets were sold to watch four possible Iris Icons compete in a series of fun and comedic challenges, and all profits made were donated to ANAD. At the end, Brian Vellone and Connor Timko were crowned DPhiE’s newest Deepher Dudes.

At the end of the week, DPhiE raised over $500 to donate to ANAD and helped open the discussion on disordered eating. Sadhu reminds students that “You can always donate straight to the ANAD website,” if they want to contribute to the solution, and that they should practice as well “talking positively about yourself and others.”

Resources, hotlines, treatment, and mentors can be found at [] for anyone struggling with disordered eating. The Embry-Riddle campus also offers free counseling and wellness appointments for people concerned about anorexia or other related disorders.

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