Bad Choices in Great Places: Embry-Riddle Injury University

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By Jacob Wolf, Chief Distribution Officer

My number one skill is getting injured. I’m afraid that I’m wasting my time here at ERAU, and that I’m better off at ERIU. That fear came true when I tore up my ankle at the start of spring break, and couldn’t put any weight on my left foot. “How?” you may ask? To paraphrase my favorite professors, that story is “Beyond the scope of this column.” The point is, my holiday was beginning while my ankle was throbbing, so I planned to spend spring break on the couch.

That plan fell apart when some buddies invited me to go hiking in Sedona. I still had crutches and a brace from the last time I tore up my ankle (it was last semester), so obviously I said yes. I’d never hiked in crutches before, and I figured it was a good time to start.

Two hours after getting the invite, I was laced and braced at the Sugarloaf Hill trailhead. We set out for Sugarloaf’s summit on a gentle 1.9 mile climb through Sedona’s red rocks. The trail was tightly lined by various bushes, and several times I had to hop through them with my crutches in the air. My pogo-stick impression was worth it though, as we quickly reached the top of Sugarloaf. Looking out at the airport mesa, I briefly wished that an ERAU pilot would take pity and airlift me back to Prescott. Alas, no hero came to my aid, so I hopped my way back to the car.

ERIU must be experiencing some budget cuts in the College of Crutches, because mine didn’t survive the hike. One of their big rubber tips wore through to the metal, leaving me with a nice little spike. It was perfect for the packed dirt of Sugarloaf, but was no match for the polished floors of Sedona’s rock shops. My crutches slipped and screeched while trying to keep up with my gem-enthused buddies, nearly sending me crashing to the floor. I credit those sacred stones with aligning my chakras and helping me catch myself every time.

It’s a little funny that my crutches worked on rocks, but failed in rock shops. Part of me wants to call it ironic, but I know I can’t throw that word around willy-nilly. Alanis Morissette, take notes.

Photo: 11 – Final Approach – Bad Choices in Great Places – PHOTO 1/1

Photo Credits: Luis Tovar for Horizons

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