Prescott’s First-Ever Public Bus Route Unveiled

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By Not an Alcoholic, Trust Me, I Have Good Coping Methods

The Mayor of Prescott, Pete Goole, unveiled the city’s plans for its first-ever public bus route last Tuesday at an open Town Hall meeting.

The route services Prescott constituents downtown and near the Embry-Riddle campus. The hours are primarily nighttime, from 10 p.m. to 4 a.m, running once every 15 minutes.

The outlined route includes just two stops: originating outside the ERAU Student Union and terminating at 120 N Cortez St, or Lyzzard’s Lounge.

Many students know Lyzzard’s to be an exceptional dive bar with the cheapest drinks around town. The bar is a popular Friday and Saturday night hotspot for ERAU’s 21+ population. (It should be noted that the bar is a popular weeknight destination, but the Sunday-Thursday crowd is mostly business majors, as opposed to the more diverse major representation on the weekend.)

When asked about the decision to open such a niche bus route, Goole responded: “The Uber and Lyft drivers have been coming to our office nonstop, pleading for help. They’re tired of shuttling drunk, stinky Embry-Riddle students back and forth from that godforsaken place.” (Whether ERAU or Lyzzard’s is the bespoke “godforsaken place” is unclear.)

Students can now rejoice at this unprecedented ease of access to essential services .

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