Statement from the Horizons Newspaper Executive Board on Quality Concerns

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We understand that many people in our Embry-Riddle Prescott campus community have been unsatisfied with the quality of our newspaper in this volume. Many of the complaints we’ve heard revolve around poor design, poor content, and a lack of cultural presence on campus. 

The executive board of your campus newspaper hears your concerns. The mission of Horizons is to provide our campus with exciting news content, and to make sure the students feel that their money is well spent. To address the concerns of the campus community, Horizons is making some exciting changes to the way we design our paper and produce our content: 

We’re shifting the focus of our paper design to allow for more artistry on each page. Our layout editors are now allowed more freedom to explore creative design, drawing you in on each page turn with exciting and engaging visual content. 

Correspondents are now allowed to submit their own assignments to the newspaper, rather than signing up for assignments provided by the Chief Copy Editor. We hope this change will allow the correspondents and other student content creators to report the news that the student body wants to read. 

To rebuild our presence in Prescott campus culture, we’re sending our content creators to the streets (more specifically, the physical spaces of our campus). You may have been handed this newspaper by a student tabling for Horizons. You may also see more of our reporters at campus events. We hope that by increasing our physical presence on campus, more people will want to engage with our paper, thus solidifying a stronger presence in the campus culture. 

The executive board would like to thank you for your continued support in Horizons. If you would like to provide us with feedback, please see our contact information on the back page of this newspaper or fill out an anonymous feedback form located outside our office doors in the student union. 

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