Spring Club Funding: SGA Gives $36,000 to Orgs This Semester 

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By Jacob Wolf, Chief Distribution Officer 

It’s payday for the student organizations at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. The Student Government Association (SGA) of the Prescott campus has just finished the spring semester’s club grant process, where registered student organizations (RSO’s) had the opportunity to request funds for their spring operations. 

Dylan Astrup, the Treasurer of SGA, oversaw this club funding process. He said that “about $36,000 was given to clubs this semester,” and that he received a total of 27 grant proposals. 

Currently, RSO’s are able to request up to $2,000 each semester for their club operations. This is a change from previous policy, whereby clubs could only request $2,000 per year in funding. Astrup stated, “Last year the previous Treasurer, Hunter Langemo, changed the funding guidelines to allow clubs to apply for $2,000 per semester.” 

Astrup hopes to bring further change to the club funding process, and make it possible for RSO’s to receive even more money. To accomplish this, he’s “been spending most of [his] term working on the club tier system” with the help of the Student Treasury Board. In the new system, the maximum amount of funds that an RSO could request would be based on factors such as club size, the number of active semesters, and the kind of events they hold. The final details of the new system are still in development, but Astrup hopes they can be rolled out for the Fall 2022 funding cycle. 

If students’ clubs have missed the funding deadlines, they can still receive money this semester. As an RSO, they have access to a $250 club subsidy that is issued on a rolling basis. They can  also create an SGA sponsored event, where they can apply for funding to host a larger campus event. No matter which route they go, Astrup is here to help. Club officers can find him in the SGA office in the Student Union, where they are “more than welcome to ask [him] questions about this.”  

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