Greek Life Spring Recruitment 

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By Taylor Brown, Correspondent 

This spring, Embry-Riddle’s Greek Life organized recruitment, an opportunity for new members to join a fraternity or sorority. The recruitment process is long and involved, but worth it to those who find community within their chapters.  

Many pursue Greek Life in order to make friends and build long-lasting relationships. Jacob Boesen, Pi Kappa Phi’s Vice President, said “Originally I had no intentions of joining a fraternity, but after spending my first semester of freshman year not doing anything I decided I wanted to go out and make some new friends.” 

For Pi Kappa Phi, recruitment is constantly recurring. As with most of Greek Life, there is a recruitment week that coincides with other chapters on campus. During this event, potential new members can browse the various fraternities and sororities on campus and choose which is right for them.  

When recruiting new members, chapters will host a number of events to meet new people. For anyone interested in Sigma Chi, the fraternity hosted bonfires, basketball games and cornhole tournaments during recruitment week, giving potential new members the opportunity to connect with the chapter.  

Madeleine McCan, the Vice President of Recruitment for Delta Phi Epsilon, praises her experience in Greek Life. Mccansays joining a chapter is “an immediate community of people who all have the same goal as you: to be a part of something bigger than yourself, grow as a student and leader, and create long-lasting bonds.” 

During Spring recruitment, Delta Phi Epsilon gained three new members and  met and spoke with a number of others. Joining a sorority or fraternity gives the opportunity to create connections not only with people from your chapter, but also with the rest of Greek Life. 

Each fraternity and sorority prioritizes different things in new members, ensuring that anyone who is initiated into the chapter is the right fit. Boesen says Pi Kappa Phi is “looking for signs of leadership, someone who is motivated in their classes and improving themselves.” Delta Phi Epsilon hopes for new members to be “women who uphold our three values, are interested in doing what we do, and women who genuinely connect with us and can be their true self,” according to McCan. Those who join Delta Phi Epsilon value justice, sisterhood and love.  

If you are interested in joining Greek Life, there is another formal recruitment taking place in the fall! If you are looking for campus involvement, a supportive community of like minded individuals or even just a bit of fun, check out the various chapters that Embry-Riddle has to offer. 

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