BCA Board Game Night 

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By Martin S. Hussey Jr., Correspondent  

On Feb. 4, 2022, between 7:00 and 9:00 p.m., the Board of Campus Activities hosted Board Game Night at the Lower Hangar. People could come and play board games or on the Nintendo Switch on the big screen. BCA member Jaacob Pledger stated that the purpose of Board Game Night was to “bring everyone in for a night of fun and relaxation.” Additionally, while people played, they could munch on the snacks and drinks provided.  

There were various fun games to be played, ranging from card games to actual board games and one or two physical games. Some notable games that were featured included Jenga, Risk, and even Twister. One group of people played the card game Codenames, created by Czech board game designer Vlaada Chvátil and was published by Czech Games Edition in 2015. Played with two to eight players, the goal is to contact the most agents before anyone else does. There are 25 agents to contact, but players must be sure not to contact innocent bystanders or the assassin. If the assassin is contacted it is game over. 

On the Nintendo Switch, guests played “Mario Kart 8” and a game called “Overcooked, a cooking simulation developed by Ghost Town Games and published by Team17 in 2017. Up to four players are tasked with preparing a meal via cooking, serving, and cleaning, all within a short time limit. Whoever completes the most dishes will win, but the game is complicated by the difficult layout of the kitchen and additional obstacles based on the level. While Pledger described it as a “niche” kind of game, it proved very popular to play as there was a lot of cheering, laughter, and general hooting and hollering. 

On one table, attendees played the good-old-fashioned game of Monopoly. Like the people playing “Overcooked,” the players had an intense, but fun, time. Everyone was buying and trading properties and money. The game started around 8 p.m. and wrapped up when it was time to pack up. The winner was determined by how much cash they had, which included the value of their property. In the end, the winner of the Monopoly game had $3,065 total in cash and property. Ironically, the winner was the only player who had zero monopolies (unless you consider owning both utilities a monopoly in its own right) and had three properties and two trains, one of which was never landed afterwards. 

Friends gathered to play together, accompanied by the soundtrack of laughter echoing off the walls of the Student Union, with snacks in hand, to celebrate the start of a new weekend. Game Night proved an effective Friday night escape for students from the previous week’s scholarly trials and tribulations.  

Martin S. Hussey Jr. for Horizons
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