ANAD Valentine’s Day Philanthropy 

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By Taylor Brown, Correspondent 

On the week of Valentine’s Day 2022, Embry-Riddle’s Delta Phi Epsilon (DPhiE) hosted a fundraiser for the National Association for Anorexia Nervosa and Related Disorders (ANAD). After pledging support to ANAD, DPhiE has raised funds and awareness for those who struggle with eating disorders.  

Eating disorders can take place in multiple different forms, with varying severity. Regardless, body image and disordered eating is an issue that plagues many people. Kiera Lin, the Philanthropy Coordinator for DPhiE, said “one out of ten people have eating disorders, it’s the second deadliest psychological disorder.” Disordered eating can be fatal, but events such as DPhiE’s Valentine’s Day philanthropy can help to combat the struggle through increasing public awareness.  

Although DPhiE is recognized by the ANAD organization as an official supporter, the sisters hosted the Valentine’s Day event single-handedly. Lin had the idea of doing self-care bags filled with tea, face masks and Hershey’s kisses. The self-care bags and balloons were handcrafted by the sisters, with the intention of spreading self-love and awareness to the Embry-Riddle student body.  

DPhiE held a booth in the quad for four days, offering self-care bags for $3.00 and clear balloons with roses inside for $8.00. Lin reminds us “You don’t need someone to celebrate Valentine’s with, you can celebrate on your own with self-care and just being happy.” 

All proceeds from the event were donated directly to the ANAD organization, as DPhiE does not make a profit from their fundraisers. The money goes to support rehabilitation resources and workshops for anyone seeking treatment for disordered eating.  

In addition to fundraising, the DPhiE sisters wanted to open a dialogue surrounding eating disorders. Sydnee Sadhu, DPhiE’s Vice President of Programming said “all of the sisters were spreading awareness about ANAD and what the organization does and how the money helps.”  

DPhiE wanted to not only raise awareness about ANAD, but also to encourage body positivity and self-love. Sadhu encourages anyone struggling with disordered eating to “always reach out to a friend or a loved one, or to the counseling center or ANAD hotline.”  

For more resources, check out [] There you can find mentors, helplines and treatment directories. You can also apply to be a peer mentor or volunteer or donate to support the cause. Help and resources are available all hours of the day, every day of the week. To see more ANAD related fundraisers from DphiE, keep on the lookout for philanthropy week events starting Mar. 22, 2022.  

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