What to Expect After We Graduate Get to Know Them Better 

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By Kiara Bean, Editor-in-Chief 

While we are at university, we worry about what class schedule we will get for the upcoming semester, whether we will have a good group of students for the next group project, and what we will have for late dinner after Earhart’s closes or when we forget to make a grocery run. But did you ever ask yourself what you will do once you earn your degree? What is waiting out there for us after we graduate? 

We will try to give you the answers in a new column called What to Expect After We Graduate. Here, with the help of some of Embry-Riddle’s finest employees, we will learn about different employment opportunities available to us after we get our degrees. But not only that; we will also get to know various faculty, staff, and administration members who will share their life experiences with us. 

Whether you’re here to learn more about what to expect in the career of your dreams or you just want to get to know our ERAU family a little better, we hope you will enjoy this column. So buckle up, and let’s get started with our first interviewee: Dr. Ron Madler.  

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