Restaurant Review – Farm Provisions 

Read Time:2 Minutes

By Grace Tevaseu, Correspondent 

4.5 out of 5 stars 

A block away from the Downtown Square, sits a quaint, local establishment called Farm Provisions. Predominantly an American cuisine restaurant, Farm Provisions offers everything from well-cooked burgers and tacos to surf-n-turf, a rare commodity in land-locked Arizona. With a combination of tables and booths, the restaurant is fitting for any meal occasion.  

The only sole reason Farm Provisions doesn’t receive the full 5 stars in this review is due to the price. While, in reality, the pricing is reasonable for the quality of food, as a college student with immense Riddle debt, I would deem it expensive. For a meal, two drinks, dessert, and an adequate tip, I paid about $50.  

The environment of Farm Provisions is incredibly welcoming. All the tables seem to be constantly filled with people waiting in the queue, making the restaurant a desirable location to dine. For this reason, reservations are recommended. On a busy Friday night, a table for three took about 1 hour of waiting. While us, college students, had no issue filling the time prepping our stomachs on Whisky Row, this could be bothersome for other hangry customers.  

The service is also superb. The wait staff was incredibly friendly and suggested great recommendations for tasty beverages and desserts. For dinner, I ordered “Not Your Mom’s Chicken Pot Pie”. It was delicious, the right flavors and taste for this homey, comfort food. I know this was a good meal because I still find myself occasionally craving Farm Provisions’ Chicken Pot Pie on random, cold afternoons.  

But, most importantly, Farm Provisions is parent-approved. It is a popular dinner spot for parental visits and graduation celebrations. Knowing how picky and the higher standards parents tend to hold for meals, if it is good enough for my mother, it is beyond good enough for me! 

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