Cafe Review: IHOP 

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By Taylor Brown, Correspondent 

Of course, it’s not difficult to find niche, independent coffee shops and cafes in Prescott, Ariz. Prescott caters to specific demographics and does it well, creating spaces in which college kids, older generations, or people with certain interests and hobbies can enjoy themselves. But one place in which anyone is able to come as they are, and leave full of pancakes is the IHOP on 3000 N Glassford Hill Rd in Prescott Valley.  

One unique aspect of this IHOP location is the fact that it’s open 24-hours. No matter the time of day, customers are able to be seated and served. During the late night hours, this IHOP location takes on a comfortable and relaxed ambience. There is always enough seating and rarely a wait, so you can take your homework and a friend. 

IHOP is currently doing a special with bottomless pancakes. Accompanying any one of their many combo-breakfast options, customers can be served endless two-stacked pancakes. So for as long as you need to sit in the comfortable IHOP location, you stay munching on a surplus of buttermilk pancakes.  

Of course, this IHOP location has its flaws. Sometimes they’re out of certain ingredients, a waitress encouraged me to steer clear of the lettuce, and the establishment is perpetually understaffed. But no matter the hour, or how busy the staff seem to be, you will always be treated with kindness and enough indifference where you don’t feel judged for eating cheap breakfast in the wee hours of the morning.  

They get their shipments of ice cream around three in the morning, so occasionally they will be out of the supplies necessary to make milkshakes. But when able, IHOP will serve you a classic malt shake in any of the traditional flavors.  

During a marketing stunt in 2019, where IHOP temporarily changed their name to IHOb in order to promote their burgers, they began expanding their savory lunch and dinner menus. Although the corporation eventually returned to their original name, they still have a large selection of burgers and other entrees if you don’t have much of a sweet tooth.  

IHOP is one of the kinds of restaurants that is predictable. You anticipate what you’re going to get and it’s exactly as it is. There are no surprises or disappointments, but instead a consistent predictability that allows for a comfortable, possibly cathartic experience every time.  

Overall, I give this IHOP location 5/5 stars. Each time I decide to have a late night study session in one of the booths, or procrastinate with my friends over eggs and bacon, I leave feeling just a little bit better than before. The Glassford Hill Road IHOP location perfectly encapsulates all that IHOP is and all it should be: a safe place for studying, hanging out with friends, and bottomless pancakes.  

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