Travel Series – Utah: Part 5

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By Kiara Bean, Editor-in-Chief

            Today, we will dine in the best restaurants in Midway – in my opinion – and enjoy the most beautiful views I have ever seen.

            Our first stop is at the Café Galleria. We ate here several times for both breakfast and lunch. I thoroughly enjoyed their breakfast skillets. The potatoes were cooked to perfection, and the ham, roasted mushrooms, and roasted eggplant complemented the dish very nicely. I also enjoyed the Italian Sausage bagel sandwich: the Italian Sausage patty was juicy, the vegetables were roasted well, and the marinara sauce rounded out the sandwich very nicely. The Lasagna was also excellent, and the golden garlic bread served with it was baked to perfection. My favorite desserts were strawberry cheesecake and crepes topped with whipped cream, blackberries, and strawberries. They tasted very good.

            Another place where we enjoyed our meals was Wildfire Smokehaus. Their smoked salmon was one of the best I have ever tasted. The potato salad and baked beans had a lot of flavor. My sister also enjoyed her pulled pork with corn on the cob and coleslaw. The German Chocolate pie and Lemon Cream pie were a perfect finish to the delicious meal.

            If you find yourself craving a sweet snack, you can stop by Midway Bakery on Main. This bakery has a wide variety of sweet pastries, but also different types of breads and baguettes. My family and I tried the oatmeal raisin cookie, blueberry and raspberry scones, and carrot cake. They were a little too sweet for me, but if you like your pastries really sweet, this is the place to go. My father also tried the pecan roll and cinnamon roll, and he couldn’t get enough of them.

There are plenty of hikes and trails to enjoy around Midway. About eight miles southwest of Midway is the lovely Cascade Springs scenic walk. If you are not an experienced hiker or medical conditions do not allow you to do very strenuous activities, don’t worry; this is a super easy walk along a paved path. While on this walk, you can enjoy the many mini waterfalls and beautiful greenery. If you’re super quiet, you can watch a deer family graze nearby and hear the birds singing in the trees. It’s very calming to be out there and listen to the water run down the rocks. This place is definitely a good place to escape reality and connect with nature.

             Another excellent place to see some beautiful nature is Primrose Overlook at the end of Horse Flat Trail. You can get to this Overlook through many different trails. Depending on where you start and what trail you take, this hike can be anywhere from 3-5 miles long. The incline is a bit steep and slippery, especially as you come closer to the Overlook, so you will need your hiking boots and lots of water, but it’s definitely worth it. The nature is absolutely stunning, with sections of forest broken up by peaceful clearings and pastureland. Be sure to stop every once in a while to take a deep breath and enjoy the fresh clean air, beautiful views, and the sounds of forest life. 

            At the end of the hike is the most spectacular view I have ever seen. The trail comes out on the spine of a mountain. On one side, there is a mountain towering over you and on the other, deep valleys roll down below. You can see beautiful views of Mount Timpanogos and Timp Falls to the south and Heber and Midway to the east. It’s truly breathtaking. I wanted to stay up there for hours, and it would still not be enough for me to take in all the beauty.

On a day when you don’t feel like hiking, but you would still like to see some beauty, take a drive on the Alpine Loop Scenic Byway. This 20-mile road through the Wasatch Range is another excellent opportunity to enjoy the natural beauty of Northern Utah. With plenty of photo-worthy views, be sure to drive slowly and have someone with you ready to take pictures. This road is very windy and narrow, so please drive carefully!

The Mountain Timpanogos drive is another amazing scenic drive to take during your stay. It offers incredible views of Mt. Timpanogos, the second-highest mountain in the Wasatch Mountain range and the seventh highest mountain in all of Utah. There is also an option to hike up to the top of Timpanogos peak or to go see the Timpanogos caves, but my family and I did not have the time to attempt these hikes with all the other hiking we did during our trip. Maybe next time.

About eighteen miles southwest of Midway are the lovely Bridal Veil Falls. You can enjoy these falls by hiking around them, or climbing up the rocks next to the falls (which I don’t recommend, especially if you’re very clumsy, as the rocks are wet and slippery). My family and I saw these falls from the viewing platform, which also offers convenient parking and spectacular views.

There is so much more to do in Midway; you just need to have a lot of time. My family and I will definitely take another trip to the area, and go explore all the other trails and sights that we didn’t have a chance to see.


1. A Pasture on the Horse Flat Trail

2. Colorful Nature on the Horse Flat Trail

3. Bridal Veil Falls

4. Bridal Veil Falls

5. Majestic Mountains in Wasatch Mountain State Park

6. A Variety of Trees in Midway

7. Café Galleria

8. Cascade Springs

9. A Deer at Cascade Springs

10. Primrose Overlook

11. A Pasture on the Horse Flat Trail

12. Flower Beds on the Horse Flat Trail

13. North Fork Provo River

14. Sweets from the Midway Bakery on Main

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