Club Profile: Society of Physics Students

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By Julian O’Connor, Copy Editor

Image Credit: Janessa Slone/Society of Physics Students for Horizons

There are a variety of clubs on Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University’s Prescott campus for students to choose from. These range from small, Embry-Riddle exclusive clubs to larger clubs that are part of nation-spanning organizations. A club of the latter type is the Society of Physics Students, or SPS.

The Society of Physics Students is, according to Embry-Riddle club President Janessa Slone “ a national organization that promotes professional development in the Physics and Astronomy community.” More specifically, at Embry-Riddle, “We meet every week and celebrate our passion for both subjects and are supported by the SPS National Organization.”

The club hosts a variety of activities apart from their weekly meetings, including movie nights and an annual barbecue. Slone said that “At social events like these we simply just enjoy our time together and laugh..a lot.” She added that “In previous years, we’ve participated in the Chalk Art Competition, Girls Rocket Day, Stargazing for the public, etc.”

In addition to social activities, they also do events to give back to Embry-Riddle and the community at large. One of these community events is “the Physics Demos … where we explain concepts like the fabric of space time and the Tesla coil to the general public.” It is, according to Slone, a popular event with the community.

In the vein of giving back to Embry-Riddle, the club holds events such as “bake sales, Spoopy Grams, and Pi(e) day.” Students may remember Spoopy Grams from this and previous Halloweens, since the club has been doing them since the 2019-2020 school year. Slone says that “Our version of Spoopy Grams supports the idea of students and staff on campus showing a small but meaningful appreciation toward one another.” The Grams are gifts that students or staff can purchase for one another, and they “come in different sizes, small through large and a candy bag. Depending on which one is purchased, recipients can receive candy, tattoos, small toys, or large toys. Senders can also choose to include a message to the recipient, which we hand write!” Spoopy Grams are apparently also a popular idea as the club “bagged almost 300 Grams and wrote almost 250 messages” this year.

In addition to fun events like Spoopy Grams, the club also hosts more practical events to help students, such as “research talks, CV/Resume Workshops, alumni talks, and other panels to engage interest in different paths.”

The club has about 50 members, according to Slone. Students interested in becoming a member simply need to contact Slone, who said that the club is “open to all majors, our only requirement is that members have a passion for physics and/or astronomy” and that “We love new members and every week celebrate our most outstanding members. We also provide pizza and other free food quite often.”

Students interested in joining the Society of Physics Students at Embry-Riddle should contact Slone at [].

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