Relax and Unwind While Exercising: Yoga for the Body and Mind

By Jaylin Johnson, Correspondent

Anyone living in a dorm or apartment may find it hard to work out with the limited space without getting a gym membership. YouTube offers many solutions in the form of yoga videos and routines with whole channels dedicated to different yoga work outs. One such channel is “Boho Beautiful Yoga” , with the entire channel full of yoga routines ranging in difficulty and fixability. The video I have found the most enjoyable would be her “15 min Beginner YOGA/STRETCH Class”.

The video is around 15 minutes long, and the only equipment required is your yoga mat. Even if you do not have a yoga mat, a folded blanket or simply a clean floor can work just as well. This specific video is one of my favorites as it goes through some basic poses, and focuses on improving flexibility rather than working up a sweat. Be careful not to stretch past your limits during the video, as over stretching can really hurt your muscles, so know where your limits are.

Yoga is a wonderful way to help move your body in a tighter space where other workouts might not be possible. Yoga is an amazing practice to help calm your mind and body, and this video is a great place to start. The guide in the video is kind and calming, and the visuals are beautiful to look at, creating the perfect atmosphere for a yoga session. After doing routines from this channel for a couple of months, there have been major improvements in my flexibility, and I feel much more in shape than before I started. The yoga channel and video mentioned can be found at [] for anyone who may want to give it a shot.