Opinion: Why Is Climate Change an American Security Concern? How Global Warming Directly Threatens American Safety

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By Taylor Brown, Correspondent

The climate crisis is a highly discussed area of concern. In many regards, this crisis threatens the well-being of our planet. Climate change manifests as a rise in global temperatures, rising water levels, and extreme weather patterns.

Climate change regulation advocates preach about how dangerous these exponential changes are to planet Earth as a whole, but heart-wrenching arguments regarding the melting ice caps and nearly extinct species are enough to instigate radical change in the United States’ plan to combat global warming.

Ultimately, large corporations are some of the most significant contributors to pollution, and the most terrifying part is that they profit from it. There are twenty large corporations that make up a third of all carbon emissions, and they show no sign of stopping. Entities such as the Koch Brothers, Shell, Chevron, and British Petroleum take in record profits while simultaneously destroying the planet.

Hence, climate arguments that appeal to the pathos of the people are not enough to convince corporate America and influential politicians to reconstruct the economy now, in order to save the planet in the future.

But the aspect of climate change that is rarely discussed on public platforms is food and water insecurity. Because of the degradation of forests, oceans and clean water sources, many countries and regions suffer from never before seen poverty, drought and famine.

International tensions increase as many countries struggle to compensate for the accelerated decrease in resources. The accelerated demise of international resources is dangerous in more ways than one. Geopolitical strain will only grow as supplies become scarce and lands become inhabitable, and countries fight to secure their resources.

Additionally, American assets such as humanitarian, militaristic and political resources will be extrapolated as a vast majority of foreign countries suffer. The United States has an advantage with climate change in comparison to other nations. Our nation is positioned geographically where some of the most drastic effects of climate change are not as prominent.

The United States may maintain a financial advantage over many countries, but these assets will be threatened as climate change continues to ravage the planet. Increases in flooding, temperature, and agricultural hazards are catalysts for conflict.

The global climate crisis is a team effort. Not one nation can survive the decimation of planet earth while the others succumb to the effects. Countries will argue over which entities bear the most responsibility, who has to pay for the effects and how. Food, water, and economic resources will become scarce and tensions will boil over as nations fight to protect their capital.

In summation, climate change is not only a concern for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Greta Thunberg supporters. Climate change poses a critical threat to the sustainability and safety of the United States as a whole. The crisis must be addressed proactively in order for the planet, and for our nation, to stand a chance.

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