Interacting with the Student Body in a New Way: The Student Government’s New Website

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By Jaylin Johnson, Correspondent

On Oct. 25th, the Student Government Association (SGA) launched a brand-new website for the student body, called ERAU SGA Prescott. The new site has been a work in progress since last year, and the SGA PR (Public Relations) Representative Melissa Flores is responsible for all the final additions from this year. The SGA’s site can be found at [] or in the bio of the official SGA Instagram [@erau_sgapr]. This will be the spot for any students interested in what the SGA does around campus, from events to meetings.

The home page of the website contains a brief description of the SGA’s main goals, initiatives, and some of their most recent events held on campus. This page will also be home to an events calendar in the near future as the website is still undergoing updates. The initiatives covered on this page are the SGA’s Compassion Initiative and the Student Nutrition Initiative.This page also highlights recent SGA involvement in events on campus, such as the activities during OctoberWest. The dropdown menu in the top left corner contains a couple other pages to explore as well.

The “Who Are We?” page offers, first and foremost, a brief introduction to the current SGA council members and some of their interests. This page contains the SGA constitution and bylaws for students to better understand the guiding principles that the SGA follows. The values and goals of SGA are written out clearly on this page, “To the oath that we take to every meeting that we hold, each member in our SGA has publicly sworn to uphold the values of our organization.”A page that covers all the services offered by SGA and how to use them, such as safe ride and club storage, can be found under the sub-menu “Services” as well. There is also a surprise at the bottom of this page courtesy of the SGA council.

A blog will also be created on the website to let council members further cover any events the SGA holds. This will also be where any photos the SGA takes can be found, so if the SGA took a group photo with your orientation group, this would be where to find it. This website is a big step for the Prescott SGA, and will lead to better communication between the current and future SGA members. Keep an eye out for any further updates to the website, such as a Q&A section, office hours, or event calendars for students to better stay in touch with their student government.

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