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By Taylor Brown, Correspondent

“the quality of forming a pleasing and consistent whole”

that’s a much more concise way to put it,

opposed to my long strings of unnecessary prose

but i like superfluity

i am a poet after all

so instead, i think of green

the green of forests and dandelions

and hills that are much too steep for my liking

because ironically,

you force me up them anyways

a constant reminder that the view is worth the mud on my shoes

i think of little pieces of forever

laughs shared in the dark

glimpses into the past that cannot be fixed,

only replaced by new recollections

and memories that don’t hurt as much

starlight and mushrooms and hats that don’t fit

shared spaces where it doesn’t bother me

to breathe

subtle ins and outs

and in some cases,

less than subtle snores

i like to consider myself logical,

a mentally-ill, 21st century einstein

but i am a sucker for conspiracies

we just might live in a simulation,

our brains composing each and every thought, vision,

sound and feeling

but if that’s the case,

i might just be as wonderful a thinker as i thought

if everything in my life is of my own creation,

then you’re my masterpiece

but in the end, i didn’t need to say all that

because being with you is entirely summed up in one word,


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