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First Announcement

Do you have original writing, art, or photographs revolving around animals (perhaps your “pets”) that the ERAU community would enjoy seeing?

Submit anything so long as it comes from your own creative talents to the

Embry-Riddle’s annual creative arts publication

E-mail Haiden Karnick ( to send you the submission form.  Send the completed submission form as an attachment along with your submission (your creative work) as an attachment in Microsoft Word to our editors: Haiden Karnick ( and Jay Forney at

                Deadline for Submissions:  December 1, 2021

                                                                                                     Second Announcement

Consider taking Creative Writing (HU 355)

             Spring 2022  noon-1:15p.m. TTH

A pass/fail course, Creative Writing is not your typical HU class.   Structured as a workshop, the course revolves around the importance of imagination, experimentation, sharing with and learning from others.

Questions?  E-mail Dr. Groom at or visit Office 102 in Bldg. 59.

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