Club Profile: Talonz Gaming Guild

By Julian O’Connor, Copy Editor

There are many extracurricular activities for students at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University’s Prescott campus to enjoy, from building rockets, to forging scale flowers or dull swords, to playing a wide variety of games, both physical and virtual. If students are interested in doing the latter of all of these examples, they should check out Talonz Gaming Guild.

According to club President Laura Clark, “Talonz Gaming Guild is a safe place for students to gather with friends and relax while playing games.” Dr. Joel Schipper, the club’s advisor describes the club as “a fun and safe alternative to drinking on the weekends”, that is “popular with the students.” Clark also mentions that “As a member of the LGBT+ community myself, I work to make it a place that everyone can feel comfortable.”

The club plays many types of games, including “tabletop roleplaying games such as ‘Dungeons and Dragons’ and ‘Burning Wheel’; video games such as ‘Among Us,’ ‘Rimworld,’ ‘Call of Duty,’ and ‘Minecraft’; war simulation games such as ‘Battletech’ and ‘Warhammer 40k’; and ‘Magic the Gathering.’” Schipper describes “Magic: The Gathering” as a “collectible card game.”

Clark adds that the club has “many more sections” and that if students are interested in playing a game the club doesn’t currently play, they can “start a group and receive support such as on campus rooms and SGA funding.” Schipper adds that “If there is a game that is not being played… Talonz is a great place to meet people and introduce them to your favorite game.”

The club has about 70 members registered on EagleLife, although Clark says that only about 30-40 of them are active. Schipper says that the club has more than 100 members on its mailing list. The club has an active Discord server, which is used for most of their communications. The club’s leadership is organized in a hierarchical structure, with the president at the top, followed by a “vice president, as well as officers, which are the heads of the sections.” Clark mentions that the club also has “server staff” on their Discord server.

The club is generally organized into sections, which are run by the aforementioned section heads. Each section is dedicated to playing a particular game, and students can join as many sections as they are interested in. Students can start sections to play games that the club doesn’t currently play, something that Clark describes as “a low effort leadership position,” with the “biggest requirement being that they are active on our server.”

The club meets multiple times a week to play various games. Clark says that “All the events are posted on Eagle Life, and there are also links to join our Discord server there. The server has the specifics of what will happen at each meeting.”

If students are interested in joining the club, Clark says that “All they need to know is which sections they are interested in joining. We are very beginner friendly and will teach you how to play the game you are interested in. Veteran gamers are also welcome.” Interested students should join the club on EagleLife, and access their Discord server from there.