Club Spotlight: Computer Rendering Art Design Club

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By Campbell Turner, Correspondent

Laughter erupts from inside Building 61, it seems the Computer Rendering Art Design (CRAD) club is in the middle of a meeting. The club’s president Joshua Snow explains everything you need to know about the club:

“Rendering is the process of making something very real to whatever world it exists in, but computer design sort of falls further into the CAD side. We’re trying to model some dimension of reality. It’s all considered art but one leans further into its inspiration while the other leans further into reality.”

CRAD started out as an opportunity for Simulation Science Gaming and Animation students to grow. Snow explains that “we wanted to host a club that would raise money to be able to send students to places where they can kind of get the basics of networking, talk to professionals in the career fields that they want to, but also have an opportunity on campus…to be able to talk to each other.”

He continues, “I wanted to be able to offer [guidance] to our freshmen and sophomores who are…a little unsure of what they want to do as well as whether or not this is the best place to do it. It also comes from this place of, ‘we want students who are interested in the same things as us to be able to freely talk about, learn, and teach about those things’.”

CRAD isn’t just about getting to know each other either. Snow says that “we’d like to do a lot of freelance art stuff because there are a lot of people who have ideas and concepts that they’d like to present or project in some way but they lack the skills or resources to do so and so we’d like to reach out to all the clubs and ask them if they would like us to design something for them. We can create sticker packs…we can create logos…we can design t-shirts…”

Snow adds emphatically,“We just want to reach out to everyone… We want to show that this is more than just us trying to spread the word of CRAD, this is us trying to let them know that what [our artists] do has value…”

While it started out to create opportunities for SSGA students, the club isn’t limited to only that major. “Anyone out there who’s interested in joining a computer rendering club is totally welcome. We do not have closed meetings,” Snow says.

Snow sums up a typical meeting,“We will be having workshops for some of our meetings if we don’t have major business to attend to then we will spend the hour-long meeting doing a workshop of some sort. It can be anything from traditional art to applied rendering to physics simulations.” It will be exciting to see what the year brings for the CRAD club and what their members will bring to campus.

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