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Matt Nevers for Horizons

A Way to Nail Every Important Introduction

By Campbell Turner, Correspondent

To many students, the job search is something they don’t think about until they’re confronted with it during their senior year. And when they are confronted by it, they aren’t sure what to do. How should a resume look? How does someone approach a potential employer?

Last Thursday, Career Services hosted an Elevator Pitch Workshop to answer the latter of those questions. Elevator pitches are short introductory prompts for the purpose of making a great and memorable first impression. Marissa Owens, a counselor at Career Services, explained their benefit: “They’ll use [elevator pitches] when introducing themselves to employers at the club fair and it helps to make an easy introduction to hand out your resume and get that job or internship.”

Students listened to a short presentation about strategies for nailing an introduction, as well as a strategy for answering everyone’s least favorite interview question: “So tell me about yourself.” Then, students were given an elevator pitch template to fill out.  Afterwards, students were able to have their elevator pitches looked over and get their interview questions answered by members of Career Services.

Leslie OBrien, a student at the workshop, appreciated the opportunity,“I think it’s really good [to offer these types of events]. It’s like you’re getting the correct information from a trusted source.”

She elaborated“I’m doing a consulting project this semester and part of it is I need to know how to pitch myself to the client and just let them know… [about] my experiences and the elevator pitch would be great for that.”

The event is part of the wind-up to the Career Fair on Sept. 30th: “We have this workshop to help you prepare, because if you’re coming in with no preparation, you could be stumbling over your words, making a bad impression…We want our students to have their best chance of success at the fair.” said Owens. The fair will be an opportunity for students across campus to interview and network with several companies in fields ranging in everything from aerospace to cyber security. While this event was in preparation for the Career Fair, students can always bring their question about elevator pitches, resumes, or anything else job-related to Career Services at any time.

Owens added a message from Career Services for anyone still nervous: ”Just know we’re here for you and it’ll be okay.”

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