The Real A

By Kiara Bean, Editor-in-Chief

              Sofia was exhausted. She knew that university meant a lot of work, but after studying for midterms for hours, she was ready for a break. She was tired of looking at words, so she closed the book and shut her eyes.

            Through her open window, she could hear the birds singing and the rustle of leaves in the trees. She opened her eyes, looked out, and saw the sun calling to her. It was so nice outside, and Sofia wished that she didn’t have midterms to study for.

“I think I’m going to take a break,” she told herself.

Sofia grabbed her shoes and dorm keys, and headed outside. The sun was nice and warm. She took a moment to tip her head up towards its rays. It was much better to be outside in the sunshine than in the dorm room in front of a textbook.

Cutting across campus, Sofia made it to the quad. It was devoid of anybody; midterm week was the time of isolation, when students hid in their dorm rooms and tried to cram everything into their exhausted minds.

She laid down on the grass with a sigh of relief. Crossing her hands under her head, Sofia watched the clouds move across the sky. When she was little, she used to look for shapes reminding her of different animals or things.

The white cotton balls were floating in the sky. Sofia liked their fluffy appearance and wondered what it would feel like to touch them. From time to time, they were disbursed by the pilots who were flying patterns above campus. 

As she was looking for different shapes, Sofia’s eyelids got heavier and heavier, and she dozed off in the warmth of the sun.

            Sofia dreamed that she was floating with the clouds. Below her, the campus looked so small and insignificant. She wished that she could stay up here forever. It was so peaceful and quiet up here, unlike campus, which was fast and hectic.

            Suddenly, she found herself back in the dorm. It was the day of the midterm. She got out of bed and started to get ready for school. As she headed for the classroom, Sofia worried about whether she had studied enough for her test.

            When she got to the classroom, there were already several students frantically exchanging last-minute notes and advice before the test. She was able to mentally answer all the questions her classmates were asking each other.

            “Hmmm. I guess I studied enough,” she told herself.

            Soon, the professor came in and handed out the test to the students. All Sofia heard was the sounds of muffled groans as her classmates tried to work on their tests. She closed her eyes, took a deep breath, and wished for the best.

            The work went pretty fast. Sofia knew all the material, and she was the first one to finish. When she was handing in the test, the professor scanned her answers.

            The professor smiled at her.

“I think it will be an A as always. Good work, Sofia.”

            “Sofia! What are you doing here?”

Sofia woke up when she heard her name.

            “Did you finish studying for the midterm?” It was her classmate who was running to the library to study.

Sofia jumped to her feet.

“I guess…” she responded. As her classmate hurried on, Sofia thought about her dream.

“Hmmm. I guess my dream is telling me that I’m ready.” She was confident that she had studied enough and would do well on the test.

            A week later, Sofia received her real midterm grade: an A.