SGA Update Column: Leadership opportunities for Underclassmen

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By Jaylin Johnson, Correspondent

If you are a freshman on campus this year who wants to gain more leadership experience, then the Student Outreach Action Resources (SOAR) program may be for you. As an auxiliary program of the Student Government Association (SGA), SOAR offers the opportunity for first-year students to gain experience leading projects and teams. “SOAR is like the junior version of SGA. Students are able to get involved with SGA from the start of their careers at Embry-Riddle.” Said Meagan Fama, the SGA’s secretary.

Fama oversees SOAR alongside selected SGA representatives who help mentor SOAR members during their time in the program. Mentors work closely with the members of SOAR to help mentor and shape them into well-rounded leaders for the future. The program also allows members to sit on other committees such as the budget committee, mental health committee, and the dining committee. According to Fama, SOAR’s primary mission is to create “a program that would allow freshmen to build their leadership skills and get involved on campus.”

SOAR is a relatively new program, having only started last year, but has already made its mark on the campus. The most significant event SOAR ran the previous year was a Spirit Week with different events every day and an overarching competition between colleges. There were different themes to dress as each day, such as nerd day and pajama day, and each day was dedicated to one of the colleges. The College of Engineering, for example, had a paper airplane flying competition. 

Fama has said that “overall, SOAR’s biggest goal is to help underclassmen get involved on campus, specifically with SGA, that will help them turn into a great leader and perhaps even inspire them to run for SGA in the future.” She has already seen an increased interest this year in the program and looks forward to everything SOAR will accomplish this year. Fama is looking forward to Spirit Week this year, as it will be on a larger scale than last year and even include a few surprises.

If you are interested in being a general member, then [] will direct you to the form to join as a general member. Meetings are currently in the planning process, but all information can be found on the SGA Instagram page [@erau_sgapr] once the time and places are finalized. Any student at Riddle has an opportunity to be a general member in SOAR, and this is an excellent chance for students to build up their leadership skills and resume.

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