Horizons is the Place to Be!

Horizons has jobs. We are looking for hard working students to fill openings. If you are looking for a great way to make money and great friends, please apply! A job looks really attractive on a resume, and it gives you great experience. Workloads are adaptable based on your schedule and what position you apply for. Our departments include writing, editing, photography, design, distribution, web editing, and marketing. Please contact Kiara Bean (beank3@my.erau.edu) for more information.

Horizons is also great for advertising. We publish biweekly and we have a wide readership base, which makes the school newspaper a perfect place to advertise! You can reach the campus community quickly and efficiently. Whether you are looking for an article or a graphic, we’re here to help. Please contact Kiara Bean (beank3@my.erau.edu) and Caleb Doo (dool@my.erau.edu) for more information.

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