Forging New Bonds Around Campus

The Brotherhood of Steel

By Jaylin Johnson, Correspondent

As the Fall Semester gets rolling, many students will start looking for extracurricular activities and clubs around campus. For those who love working with their hands, look no further than The Brotherhood of Steel. This club offers the opportunity to work with scales, leather, and forges to create anything from a scale flower to a miniature dragon or even a dulled sword with a leather hilt. 

The Brotherhood of Steel is free to join, with the club providing supplies for small projects and recommending suppliers for larger projects. They hold meetings on Saturdays from 12:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. at the Pool Ramada by the Volleyball courts. Anyone can join the club by reaching out to the club’s president Mimansa (Momo) Tyagi. 

Tyagi has been with the club for four years now, and this will be her first year as president. “It’s a club to create gifts for friends and family and a space where people can come together.” She has made many pieces to give to loved ones during her time in The Brotherhood of Steel, such as scale flowers, leather earrings, and more. Tyagi stated that this club is one of the best when it comes to making high-quality and unique gifts for those close to you. 

The Brotherhood of Steel can work on anything from large extravagant projects to more detailed and intricate work. Tyagi states that “we also have tools to carve leather, and we can create patches for clubs with their logo.” The club is currently working on making an eagle statue to give to the campus. This piece will incorporate all three of the club’s main divisions, requiring scales, blacksmithing, and leatherwork to complete. 

Anyone can work with scales, leather, and blacksmithing for free by joining The Brotherhood of Steel, and if any of the projects this club does sound interesting, you can reach out to Mimansa Tyagi at [].