What are some good study spaces on campus?

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By Julian O’Connor, Correspondent

Although where you study may not seem as important to many students as other parts of the learning process, it is nevertheless an important factor that must be taken into consideration. This is especially true if a student, for some reason, finds themself unable to study where they usually do. For example, if one studies in their dorm room but their roommate needs to record a video for class, the student might wonder where they’re supposed to study while their roommate needs to be alone.

Luckily for you, there are many wonderful spots on campus to study. Lots of Riddle students recommend studying in the Hazy Library and Learning Center. With abundant school computers pre-loaded with software that may be hard to acquire on their personal computers (such as SolidWorks, Matlab, and CATIA), the library makes an excellent place to work on homework.

As Junior Laura Clark and Sophomore Jameson Shockely mention, the library also has “rentable” rooms, which can be rented by students for several hours at a time for free, to be used for group projects or other functions. Shockely thinks that the rooms are “a quiet space to separate school and living”. Another feature of the library, according to Clark, is the library’s whiteboard tables, which are what they sound like, tables with whiteboard tops.

Sophomore Hoa Nguyen mentions that the benches and tables in the central area of campus (commonly referred to as “the maze” are “suitable for people who want to be in the sun, be one with nature.” Although outdoors, these tables still have wifi. However, they don’t have power outlets, so they’re more ideal for low-energy usage studying on a laptop, or of course working on assignments on paper and reading physical books.

Nguyen also mentions that the couches in the Student Union are another good place to study, as not only are they comfortable, they have food nearby and stable wifi. In addition, they are a good place to bring friends to group study with.

Campus also has various computer labs for students to study in: the lab located in King Engineering is a student favorite, as well as the 24-hour lab located in the Student Union.

Of course, while all the above are wonderful places to study, there is nothing wrong with studying in one’s dorm room as well. Clark and Sophomore Chloe Reed both mentioned their preference for studying in their dorm rooms, which can be convenient. Dorm rooms feature power, internet, a comfortable place to be, and all the textbooks and resources students need will likely be there with them or accessible from their computer.

In the end, there is no one best study space on campus, but several good ones are the library, the student union, the various benches scattered throughout the maze, and the computer labs around campus.

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