Hazy Library and Learning Center Introduction

By Sarah Thomas, Library Director

Welcome to the Hazy Library and Learning Center!

Whether you’ve been here a while or it’s your first time, welcome, we are happy you are here! I’d like to introduce you to your library, the Hazy Library and Learning Center (pronounced Hah zee), and point out some of the features, help, and services we have to make your life a little easier.

You’ll notice right away that the atmosphere here is a bit lively. It is one of collaboration, teamwork, or simply a place to hang out. We want you to be as comfortable as possible, so food and drink are allowed. In fact, Scholars Café is housed within the library.

While each of our two floors feature a service desk, study tables, white board tables, dual monitor computers, color and black & white printers (Printing is free!), and quiet areas, both floors have some items that are unique to that floor.

The first floor has the Reserve Collection, (Reserves feature course materials from instructors and some textbooks.) an instructional classroom that is also a computer lab, a silent reading room, and our book collection. (Check out our new moveable shelving, it’s pretty cool.) You can check out more than just books downstairs, there are charging cables, laptops, headphones, and more.

What’s unique on the second floor are 12 different study rooms and 2 poster sized printers called plotters. (Did I mention printing is free?) Some of the newest items for checkout on this floor are a power pack, tablet stands, and Bluetooth noise canceling headphones. Visit our web site for a full list of items available to you.

One question we answer a lot is how do you reserve a study room? At the top of our web page click on “Reserve a Room.” From there just follow a few simple steps and the room is yours, but don’t forget, you’ll need to check in when you get there. (Tip: make reservations ahead of time, rooms go really fast!)

Now that we’re on the topic of web sites, feel free to browse ours – it’s jam packed! You can chat with us virtually about anything, book a research consultation with a librarian, and do research on a multitude of topics in our databases. But wait… that’s not all… you can check whether your favorite computer is open, take a look at the Kalusa collection, peruse the entire Yavapai Library Network (YLN) catalog, and so much more.

What is the Yavapai Library Network and what does it mean for you? It gives you access to the libraries within Yavapai County. You can place holds on items at different libraries and have them sent here, return your book at any site, and use your EAGLEcard in those libraries to check out items.

Before long you’ll have found your comfy spot. Whether you need to print something quickly, check out a laptop, or just stay a while and study, come on in and check us out. We, at the Hazy Library, are here for you!