Recycling Programs May Return to Campus in Fall

Initiatives to Improve Recycling Rates and Reintroduce Blue Bins Under Consideration

By Jaylin Johnson, Correspondent

Many students on Embry Riddle Aeronautical University’s (ERAU) Prescott campus have taken note of the fact that there are no recycling containers near any of the dorms. There are some recycling bins on the campus, located behind Earhart’s, by the faculty building, and behind the Student Union, but new and even continuing students rarely know about them. 

The dorms used to have recycling containers next to the trash cans, but they were not used enough to justify keeping them. The recycling was rarely ever filled, while residential students likely know how full the trash bins get near the dorms. “We are confident that joining efforts with SGA (Student Government Association) will give us a better understanding of what students want and need in order to increase recycling and decrease waste on our campus and make it a more successful program,” says Shannon Cartwright, the Accounting Supervisor, who provided information on the Prescott campus’ past recycling program. 

Hunter Langemo, the recently-sworn-in SGA President, is working with Justin Munz from housing to review the recycling program and come up with improvements for the Fall semester. Administration understands that the recycling volume will go up and the program will be more successful if it is made easier to understand what items can be recycled and where. Education, motivation and participation are going to be very important going forward to help improve the amount of waste recycled on the campus. 

SGA is bringing new ideas from a student’s perspective to the process which Cartwright believes will greatly improve recycling on campus. “We are looking at a better way to offer recycling bins in the residence rooms that will be more successful than past efforts.” Cartwright believes that, if students are given the proper information, future recycling efforts on the ERAU Prescott campus can be successful. This will be a step in the right direction to help the campus be more environmentally conscious moving forward.