Movie Review: “#Alive” – Rating: 4/5

By Grace Tevaseu, Correspondent

“#Alive” is a new thriller trending on Netflix. With a similar aesthetic to “Train to Busan,” this Korean film unfortunately left some things to be desired. The plot is essentially of a quickly-spreading disease that has affected everyone but a few survivors in the whole city of Seoul. Left alive and with little resources available, the film follows the lives of two survivors amidst an ocean of zombies. 

This film was cleverly done, with moments of great entertainment. It proves that zombie movies are not overdone and there is still more to look forward to in the genre. I appreciated the realism of the characters and the constantly-creepy aura surrounding their lives, stuck in their apartment complex. Main character Joon-woo had many humorous moments in his attempts to survive the pandemic, and I’m sure the audience was rooting for this teenager. The characters are very creative in their survival and do a lot when only given a little. 

While “#Alive” was definitely not boring, it did leave me wishing for more. I would have liked more context of the plague. The movie failed to describe the disease’s origins and how it was transmitted. In some instances, it seemed like the zombies still had a sense of thought and mind, maybe even groupthink, leading me to think that they weren’t completely zombified. But mostly, I was disappointed with the ending, contrary to others’ opinions. 

[Editors’ Note: The ending of this article contains spoilers for “#Alive.”] The film climaxed with the characters fleeing from the wrath of the zombies onto the roof, having nowhere else to run. Right before they were about to be trampled and mauled, the Korean military, in a helicopter, comes out of the blue to save them. This perfectly happy ending was not satisfactory for me. I wanted the characters to either fight them all off or die a hero’s death trying, not be rescued by a knight in shining armor; however, that is my personal opinion and the reasoning I subtracted a star from the review. Overall, “#Alive” is a good thriller and a worthwhile watch, if you speak Korean or don’t mind reading subtitles.