Poetry Spotlight: A Student’s Journey

Read Time:1 Minutes

By Kiara Bean, Correspondent

The semester is almost finished,

But I can hardly wait.

All my powers are diminished,

And I cannot think straight.

I cannot wait for my summer.

I really need a break.

I’m ready to jump into my Hummer

And visit the beautiful lake.

My classes are almost over.

I’m dreaming of what I’ll do.

I think I will work on my rover,

And maybe I will paint it blue.

I’m going to miss my school friends.

Some of my teachers, too.

My summer plans are really immense.

No assignments will be due.

I am going to fly my planes

And also go on many hikes.

I will meet with a lot of my friends.

We will enjoy riding our bikes.

My job is the most exciting part.

My heart rate really spikes.

So I really cannot wait till I start

To explore all the work sites.

When August comes and summer is done,

I will head back to my school.

Oh boy, I know I will have big fun

Because my summer was cool.

I will be ready for all of my classes.

My cool summer will be my fuel.

I will put on my professor’s glasses,

And I will show how I can rule.

It will all be done before I know it,

And I will walk across the stage.

I will be sad and ashamed to show it,

But it will be time to turn the page.

I will be ready to take on the world,

Act appropriate to my age.

Once the new page in my life will be turned,

I will be ready for a really big wage.

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